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Hi! My name is Sheryl. I am The Cosmos Mystic, professional astrologer. I offer natal birth chart readings, relationship readings of 2 charts compared for areas of greatest compatibility, current transit readings, solar return chart readings and more.... Astrology is as above so below, as within so without! How are the planets effecting you?

My mystic side also likes to read tarot and oracle cards and I do offer tarot and/or oracle card readings.


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My Story

      My journey and love affair with astrology started in 2019 when I had experienced some really harsh life lessons that taught me I needed to learn boundaries, self love and self worth.  I also learned I was grateful for the lessons and I am here on this planet to learn, grow and expand, as we all are.

So I set out to find myself and I took all the free webinars from self help gurus I could find. I read a lot, meditated a lot, listened to positive affirmation meditations daily, and went to therapy. 

    2020 changed everything for me as it did for most people. I decided it was time to start investing in myself. I hired a self love life coach, Kate with Evolve & Empower with whom I worked with diligently. I also dove into seriously studying astrology. I discovered that astrology provided me with a language that described me accurately and completely. The real me, the me inside, the challenges and the gifts I agreed to take on this life time.

     Looking at my birth chart for the first time was amazing! My first astrology mentor was Malika Semper Certified Astrologer of Malika Semper Astrology and a mentor for Debra Silverman's AA courses.

The very first class when Malika described the water element in my chart my mind was blown and I felt seen for the very first time! That was an amazing gift she gave me. That day was when my love affair with astrology started and has continued ever since.

     To truly know thyself is a great blessing. To be seen as your authentic self is a gift.  It is an honor and a privilege to share a birth chart reading with another human. I look forward to our meeting and your reading.


Sheryl, The Cosmos Mystic


I'm working on my certification currently and if you contact me for a chart reading I will be happy to offer a special rate. Subscribe to my email list and type PROMOCODE: Certify2021  Let's connect.

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