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mercury retrograde, what was that....

Let's start with getting to know Mercury. Mercury is the planet of intellect. It governs how we think, how our minds work and how we communicate. Mercury is known as the messenger of the gods. Mercury's placement in our own personal natal charts is very telling of our own personal mindset.

When Mercury is said to be in retrograde that means the planet 'appears' to be going backwards in the sky. Of course it only appears to be going backwards, yet this shift effects the energy that Mercury brings. Mercury retrograde can trigger some of us to deal with unexpected events from the past (ie. person's coming back into our lives, past feelings, past events we need to deal with) and usually these unexpected events come quickly and can feel like something was just thrown at us causing us to feel knocked off our game so to speak.

Mercury retrograde can bring problems and or delays with communication through technology, emails, texts, postal mail, and more. Traditionally it was advised, and some still adhere, that contracts be avoided during a mercury retrograde. Although in today's society it is not easy to avoid communication or contracts during a mercury retrograde. Mindfulness of this energy is key and awareness will help us deal with some of the unexpected events a mercury retrograde can bring.

Thankfully, this current mercury retrograde will end February 20, 2021. I for one will be grateful when Mercury goes direct!

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